II Corinthians 10:5

"Casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ."

September 24, 2009

"Obama Care" Opposed

Greetings friends! The blogging season has started again (at least for us), which means that with God’s help we will offer thought-provoking and encouraging blogs on the issues of the day through the lens of a Christian worldview.

One of the bigger issues that has been discussed has been that of universal healthcare, better known as, “Obama Care.” I have been challenged to come up with a basis for my negative position towards “Obama Care” not politically speaking, but Biblically.

Consider the following excerpt from an article critical of Christians entitled, “The conservative Christian's reaction to ‘Obama-Care.’” http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-7556-Salt-Lake-City-Christian-Examiner~y2009m8d16-The-conservative-Christians-reaction-to-ObamaCare

"Now, there are many problems people have with what is being touted Obama-Care, but besides Sarah Palin inanely ranting on her Facebook and the legitimate concern of raised taxes and lower quality health care, one of the most resounding proclamations coming from conservative Christians has been: “I’m not paying for some welfare jerk’s hospital bill” or “if you want health care, then get a job!” Somehow, according to certain Christians, God picks and chooses which political confrontation He wants to weigh in on. With gay marriage, He was all over the place! Bible verse here, bible verse there, Rick Warren here, President Monson there, but He’s nowhere to be found on this one for some strange reason.

The Christian right hasn’t brought Him up once because there aren’t bible verses that support blatantly selfish catharsis. There are only verses that say we need to help the poor, love our neighbor and love our enemy and welcome the less fortunate with open arms. People were so quick to want to force their Christian values on people who didn’t necessarily share their beliefs, but none of them want to force those same values on themselves!"

Listening to the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Glenn Beck, I often find myself getting caught up in their political agenda, and forget to support my view Biblically. It’s not that their arguments against the left are necessarily wrong; it’s just that they are focused on rebutting the left’s policies for political gains. They have no over-arching reason for their beliefs except for political reasons. However, we as Christians do. While we may agree with these talk show hosts that “Obama Care” wouldn’t be good because it is socialist, or that it would put our country further into debt, or that it would raise taxes on a certain class, or that it would provide federal funds to abortion providers, there ought to be further reasons Christians don’t support this ideology, beyond that the Republicans/conservatives don't.

The Bible states in Exodus 20 that we should not steal. “Obama Care” would raise taxes on small businesses and wealthier individuals. Believe it or not, “Robbing from the rich is still robbing.” Therefore we Christians oppose “Obama Care” because it robs/steals from a certain class, which is wrong and evil.

“Obama Care” would put our country into something like 1.6 trillion dollars into debt. Psalm 37:21a says “The wicked borrows and does not repay…” Being in debt isn’t a good thing. Chances are, that we would never repay this enormous amount of debt. Therefore, Christians could oppose “Obama Care” for the reason that going into so much debt and likely never paying it all back would be wicked. Christians might also use Proverbs 22:7b (“The borrower is servant to the lender.”) as a passage/reason for not wanting this plan. Especially since we would be selling our future generations into the servitude of a communist, mostly anti-Christian Government.

Exodus 20:13 says, “You shall not murder.” Proverbs 16:12 explains, “It is an abomination for kings to commit wickedness…” This is why Christians oppose giving federal funds to abortion providers. It is against God’s moral law and is extremely wicked.

These are just a few of the issues covered when talking about “Obama Care.” Unlike the gentleman’s opinion in the article above, there ARE Biblical reasons to oppose this health care overhaul. I have no doubt that more reasons could be found with more study and examination. As Christians, we must be ready to represent who we are. We are not a political party, but followers of Christ. This may mean we fit into a certain political party, but don’t let those politics drive you. Remember that we have an over-arching position as Christians – to represent Christ and to draw our support and reasons from Him and Him alone for our beliefs – so that we uphold Christ and not a party’s political agenda.